London based Guitarist Singer-Songwriter influenced by 60’s & 70’s guitar-driven rock, folk and progressive music

From Rock & Roll and Electric Blues to Acoustic Folk. Crushing borders between psychedelic moods, melodic ballads and progressive soundscapes. 
It's all part of the sound and genius of Gabe. Astonishing soloist and kaleidoscopic singer, Gabriel presents a fresh and unique vision that mixes passionate classic-rock, modern lyricism and wild guitar chops.


'Antropophagy alone unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically'

'I am only concerned with what is not mine. Law of Man. Law of the cannibal' 

'In the matriarchy of Pindorama' 

'We are concretists. Ideas take charge, react, and burn people in public squares. Let's get rid of ideas and other paralyses. By means of routes. Believe in signs; believe in sextants and in stars.'

Proud globe trotter, Byrd has been rambling around with his electric band or performing solo intimate acoustic concerts flooded by violent harmonica and sagacious guitar gallop.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and graduated tutor, Gabriel is currently working on his new single 'Hard to Believe'

The debut [EP] 'Along the Way' is now available in all music-streaming platforms and online stores

Gabriel Byrd's official page.
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