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About ‘Hard to Believe' :

“(…) The songs are laden with complex guitar work and a thundering drum line – staples of the decades most iconic songs. It is fantastically arranged; both instrumental and vocal performances are raw and powerfull – rock music at it’s finest.


From AND Radio Southampton / Vulcan Sound Radio & Forest Radio

About 'Lemuria' :

"To me, that's absolutely pure musical art when someone knows exactly what it wants to be sounding like. I have no idea how you call that style but it's obviously folk-based, folk-progressive, I- I've no idea but I loved it! I absolutely loved! Gabriel Byrd, B. Y. R. D. ah is the main man in that outfit (...) absolutely incredible! Really loved the musicianship in that. That particular track was called 'Lemuria', really worth to look at that for."


Si Genaro (BBC's The Voice)

About ‘So Strange’ (unreleased) – Acoustic Performance

 - Video broadcast at Hangover Hill TV (UK) - 


“Ah! Gabriel Byrd, and ‘So Strange’…really lovely just to see a man with his guitar and a harmonica, man after my own heart ! Just really beautifully put together all the twiddly bits on the guitar…really great lyrics, really great voice! Yeah, I think that song is taking me to my happy place. I like him very much ! Gabriel Byrd, would love to hear lots more of him.”



by Jamie Funk | about the EP 'Along the Way'


"The EP begins with “Better Alone” which for all its notable guitar work is a pretty straightforward blues/rock song. (...) it leans towards a little more traditional blues but the chorus soars and in fact reminded me of some of my favorite alternative bands from the turn of the century. My favorite part of the song, however, was the instrumental ending and the harmonica that brought me back to my days of listening to Led Zeppelin on a daily basis.

Up next is “Cold Morning” which has a very different vibe. There is some beautiful guitar picking as well as atmosphere which feels both warm and ethereal. It’s an intimate song and he sings in a very different way compared to the performance you hear on “Better Alone.” The song is a slow burn and the guitar work, especially towards the end, was great. I would say this is good headphone music. There are a lot of things happening underneath the surface you might miss.

“Lemuria” is another song that switches up style and delivery. This song was more of a mix of folk and classic rock. The sound here felt like it was made for the late ’60s. There was again some great instrumental parts with the organ and the guitar really being the main focus.

He closes with “Marigold” which was the highlight to my ears. One of the reasons was because of the vocals which sounded their best here but also I felt like he was contained in a genre. The celebratory orchestral parts did however remind me of 'The Beatles'.

​This EP felt like an artist who wanted to display different sides of his talent with this release (...) Byrd has a talent as a songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. I’m looking forward to hearing more from him"



About ‘Hard to Believe’


“I like this! I has a bit of everything in here, Southern, Blues Rebel, Country, I absolutely love it! (…) Hell yes I’d play this on my shows ! This deserves label consideration as well, seriously love this! 



About ‘Hard to Believe'


“It's beautiful and I love the mix between folk and rock. I'll add it to our next playlist !”


About ‘Hard To Believe’

“I like where you are coming from, combining the love of guitar driven rock and the aesthetics of the past, it has a modern touch, though. Very talented and confident performance.”



Along the Way - G.Byrd  (EP) La Petite P


The poet says 'only road saves' 
 and I got my suitcase full of dreams and sin
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Gabriel Byrd Promo Shoot (11 of 15)
Gabriel Byrd Promo Shoot (1 of 15)